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"We've adopted an open-book style of management and the employees understand our financial picture. They are fully empowered to solve problems and innovate in ways that positively affect the bottom line."

-Doug Lurvey, President

Info_button Company Overview

Tugother.com is a strong leader in the online industry. Today's employee owners constantly strive to innovate and create solutions that result in greater efficiency. That translates to a better bottom line for the company and its partners.

Tugother.com spent a considerable amount of time and energy creating its purpose and mission statement. Unlike most companies, these are not just tag lines. Our guiding principles are clear and concise and represent the direction we are moving. By living our mission we hope to fulfill our purpose in the lives of our affiliates and our employee owners.

Mission: To be a world class Internet sales and marketing company.

Purpose Statement: To be an enduring and profitable company.

Core Values:

In 2005, Tugother.com became an employee-owned company. By giving each employee a tangible stake in the business we have created a loyal atmosphere that will inevitably lead to greater business success and profits for everyone. We also share key financial information with all employees by practicing open-book management. Our employees are motivated to contribute to the company´┐Żs success because they are able to see the direct impact their efforts have on the bottom line. By seeing the big picture our employees are focused on business success and are empowered to innovate in their day-to-day jobs because they have a personal stake in the business.

For more information on open-book management and how it has positively impacted our affiliates, visit: http://www.amwso.com/news/Interactive-Hotel-Solutions-Focus-on-Affiliates.php.